How to Handle Slow Fading of Chinese Brides

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Chinese brides are typically straightforward and fair. They like to keep everything clear and not give people false hopes. However, nobody can guarantee that there won’t be any exceptions. The slow fade is an occurrence that is more and more present among us. It is a move that some people take to end the relationship slowly, without putting an official end to it.

Why Does Slow Fading Happen with Chinese Brides?

There are several ways why slow fading could happen; the most reasonable one is that people who end relationships that way are not brave enough to do it directly. For that reason, they choose to make a prolonged end and just wait for it to be over without ever saying “I am breaking up with you”. Although leaving someone that way is very immature and cruel, not everyone has bad intentions when they slow fade. For example, Chinese women are very kind and they never want to hurt anyone. Thus, if they make such a move, the reason could be that they didn’t want to hurt their partners. They think it’s easier to let the relationship fade away rather than having a difficult breakup conversation. Of course, that is wrong. Everyone deserves to have a clear end of the relationship, whatever the reason may be.

The slow fade is not the same as ghosting. In the case of ghosting, a beautiful Chinese girl would just stop replying to you. You wouldn’t be able to get a response from her at all so you would surely understand that you are not together anymore. When it comes to slow fading, however, the process is slower and not so obvious. Your girl will reply then stop replying for a while then reply again and so on… She will always have excuses for not answering until eventually you don’t even ask anymore and that’s when she completed her mission of breaking up with you.

How to Handle Slow Fading from Chinese Brides?

You may think that you learned how to date a Chinese girl and be very happy in your relationship. Suddenly, something will start going downhill and you won’t even know what. She will be there less and less and eventually, nothing that you imagined together will be possible anymore. The only thing you will want to know is are you two still together? You won’t get a response to that. If you do, it won’t be precise and you will be confused still. When that happens, you need to think the situation through and take some actions that will get you out of the situation.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Slow Faded

You cannot get slow faded if you don’t let yourself get caught in continual rejections and excuses. Stop the slow fading in the early phase and you won’t feel its consequences. For example, you may be thinking of having a marriage in China and planning everything out with your girl but what she is giving you in return is just not enough. She answers texts late, doesn’t want to call you, doesn’t talk about the future, doesn’t get involved in anything more serious with you. You just get casual, slow responses and excuses. When that becomes a habit, cut it out! You don’t need to wait for her to break up with you; when you are no longer feeling good, you should do it and stop the slow fade.

Communicate with Chinese Brides

How do you deal with someone that is not being truthful? – By being truthful and direct! If there is one thing that slow faders are scared of, it’s the confrontation. Thus, the moment you realize that the Chinese marriage that you were planning to have is further away every day, talk to your girl about it. Tell her that you noticed she is spending less time with you and that something doesn’t seem right. Talk about your feelings and let her know that she doesn’t have to get distant if she wants to break up; she can do it there and then instead.

Slow Fade Back

Totally free Chinese dating sites made texting and calling extremely easy so there are no excuses for someone not messaging you for hours or days. Of course, if it’s some specific situation when your girlfriend isn’t able to talk to you for some time and she lets you know beforehand, you can understand it. However, if not replying becomes a habit, there is a bigger problem in between! Use the same method to make your girl understand what she is doing to you. If she doesn’t reply for 5 hours, then ignore her messages for 10 hours when she replies. If she cancels the date, you cancel the next. That way she will get tired of the slow fading quicker. Chinese wives like to be connected to their partners at all times. If you use the slow fade technique on her, she will either realize that she doesn’t want to lose you and fix her behavior or your relationship will end without dragging it for months without even being together.

Ignore the Slow Fading

Slow fading cannot happen if you completely ignore it. Don’t give it importance. If your woman doesn’t reply for hours then stop checking your phone; if she doesn’t call you then stop expecting to be a part of her life. Expectations are letting you get slow faded. If you don’t give her importance and just live your life without depending on your lady, the results of the slow fade will be less painful. Don’t think that just because someone broke up with you, you won’t find someone else that will treat you right. You can learn how to get a Chinese girlfriend that will truly appreciate you and enjoy a two-sided relationship.