Dating Philippine Women: Love During Coronavirus Quarantine

hot Filipino women As the novel coronavirus keeps on spreading all throughout the world, people are advised, some even mandated, to stay inside of their houses. This has made dating for singles even more complicated, especially those who are looking for Philippine women to date. With strict community quarantines and social isolation measures put in place, meeting in public places throughout the country is highly discouraged. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that your dating game will end there. Despite the threat of this novel coronavirus, it’s still possible to meet hot Filipino women to date, and that’s through the help of online dating sites. There are actually several Philippine dating sites where you can join to meet other Filipina singles who have the same preferences as you. Sites like are a good example, as they allow you to chat with a number of Philippino women even with just a simple greeting.

Why Online Dating is the Answer?

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the rules for finding new love has changed. After all, going on a date with a Philippine lady is no longer that possible due to rules around the virus. As of now, singles are looking for online dating sites in order to find potential matches and communicate with them. Dating sites even warned their users not to meet other people in real life, but they also stated that just because there’s social distancing in place doesn’t mean that they have to be disconnected. Due to that, people have been increasing their activities on dating apps considering that they’re spending more time at home than before. Apart from that, people won’t stop looking for love simply because of a virus outbreak. In fact, the way quarantines and social distancing were implemented have left them with little or even nothing else to do. As a result, they’re likely to stay active in dating sites, which only means that your chances of looking for Philippine ladies to chat with are even higher.

How to Find a Filipina Date in These Trying Times

Despite social distancing, dating in the Philippines is still possible with the help of online dating sites and apps. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be able to find a number of beautiful women whom you can potentially meet once the pandemic is all over. These tips are as follows:

1. Creating Your Dating Profile

There are lots of dating sites and apps out there to choose from. We highly recommend as it’s filled with a lot of active and single Filipino girls who are looking for their potential matches. Once you’ve created your profile, make sure to fill it with all the important details. These details could include your hobbies, interests, name, and anything that can spark the interest of your potential matches. Keep in mind that a complete dating profile will significantly increase your chances of getting a match. Besides, an incomplete profile would give off the impression that you are lazy, one trait that most Filipinas don’t like.

Philippine ladies

2. Upload Quality Photos In order to further increase your chances of looking for beautiful Philippino women on dating sites and apps, uploading high-quality photos is something you want to consider. This will put their minds at ease knowing that they’re communicating with a genuine person. Besides, men who hide their identities can come across as very suspicious. Apart from that, quality photos will draw in women who can be attracted to you physically. And if ever you’re wondering why it’s because physical attraction can be an excellent means of starting a conversation.

3. Talk about Family

Filipina women are known to be family-oriented, and it will surely be plus points if you share the same family values as them. By sharing a brief story of your family or perhaps a teaser in your profile, you’ll be able to capture the attention of several beautiful Filipino women.

How You Can Communicate with Your Filipina Matches

Once you have matched with a number of Philippines ladies online, you can keep on communicating with them in a number of ways. Some of them are as follows:

1. Through the Online Dating Site or AppItself

One of the most convenient means for continuously communicating with your matches is through the same online dating app or site where you matched with them. This way, you don’t have to move to another platform just to keep on communicating online. The problem, however, is that this can be limited as you can only get access to basic chat features.

2. Through Skype or Other Online Hangouts

If you want to communicate with your match via video calls, then there are a number of good online options such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and FaceTime. However, there are certain risks when you communicate outside of the dating site or APP especially when you barely know one another. Heads-up: spend as much time as you can communicate with the person on the dating site to get to know her better before moving to the next level.


The coronavirus outbreak has certainly made it almost impossible to meet your online match personally. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be possible to meet your match at all. With the help of online dating sites, it will be possible to meet beautiful Philippino women and get to chance to actually meet them personally once all this mess is over. For now, the only option you have is to communicate with them online, get to know them even better and make plans to meet in advance once the pandemic is no more.

P.S. Not sure about Philippine women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other Asian countries. For example, a girl from Asian or a woman from Thailand or even the Philippine. Chinese women are also a great chance at love.