Date Asian Women: Things that Make You a Real Catch in the Eyes of Asian Women

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When you date Asian women online, you need to remember that there is more than just the physical attributes. Physical attributes can help you turn women’s heads; however, you will have an incredibly low chance of winning the hearts of Asian girls if that is the only thing you can offer. Women these days are looking for men who can catch their interest and make them feel special, and Asian ladies are no exception.

To help you become more alluring in the eyes of Asian women, follow these tips.

Dress Up and Look your Best

One of the best ways to get a good first impression from Asian singles is through your looks and your style. It is an undeniable fact that a lot of women, as well as men, find appearance a crucial factor for attraction. Thus, if you wish to be a real catch in the eyes of an Asian woman from the get-go, put effort into your looks and fashion choices.

However, you don’t have to look as extravagant when dressing up. A nice pair of good-fitting jeans, a neat button-down polo shirt, and a good pair of shoes will do.

Practice Oral Hygiene and Smell Good

date asian women

Bad breath and unpleasant body odor are a big turn off for most women. If you are aiming to win the hearts of cute Asian girls, put some effort on your overall hygiene first.

A good oral hygiene practice is brushing your teeth for at least two minutes using an electric toothbrush. Consider investing in a good mouthwash as well to make sure that all odor-causing bacteria is eliminated.

To keep you smelling fresh and clean, make sure to clean yourself thoroughly in the shower using a good-quality men’s body wash. Also, invest in a good deodorant and a signature perfume to keep you fragrant and odor-free all day.

Compliment your Date

Aside from physical appearance, single Asian women also consider a man’s character and manners. One of the best things you can do to show Asian women that you are attracted to them is to say it out loud. Compliment her for her beauty and the things you find interesting about her.

However, make sure to not overdo compliments to the point that they sound insincere. When giving compliments, make sure it is genuine and not just a way to make her feel good.

Take Note of Eye-Contact When Date Asian Women


Talking to a man with wandering eyes can be very annoying or insulting to women. If you want to have the best first date with a girl you met on Asian women dating app, make certain that you pay full attention to her.

To make her feel that you are genuinely interested in her and what she has to say, maintain eye contact in all conversations. This gives her the assurance that she has all your attention and nothing else.

Add Humor to Your Conversations

There is nothing more attractive than having someone who can make you laugh. Other than good looks, many single Asian women are looking for men that can make them laugh and get along with.

Most women are very affectionate and love men who have good characteristics and humor. Thus, if you can make a girl laugh often, then you are clearly onto a great potential of winning her heart.

Be Thoughtful

When you pay attention to the things your girl says or does, then you gain the chance of surprising her with something thoughtful. When you are trying to impress a woman, it is not enough to only show your affection through words. Make sure to also put the effort into doing something that will surprise and please her. This can be as simple as bringing her favorite dessert, or a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Don’t Flaunt your Career or Financial Status

Boasting and flaunting about your financial status is not the best way to attract a blonde Asian girl. While you could be remarkably successful in life, showing it off to a girl does not give you the points to winning her heart. Worst case scenario, you will end up looking and sounding like a douche.

A guy who is modest about his status and achievements is definitely more attractive than a guy who has a cocky attitude.

Be Charitable

Helping others without expecting anything in return has been proven to be one of the most attractive characteristics women find in men. In fact, many women find men with humanitarian values more attractive than men with good looks.

Be Passionate about Something

A man with ambition is without doubt attractive in the eyes of most women. Having life goals shows that you are thinking about your future and you have a direction in life.

Make the First Move

Making the first move shows your girl that you are trying to take control. Women find men with dominance highly attractive and provocative. Thus, when you meet Asian women online and you get a chance to date one of the most beautiful girls, do not hesitate to make the first move.


Attraction does not only rely on the outside looks. Women who are looking for a long-term relationship value men’s manners and perspective more than looks. Thus, take note of the tips mentioned above before creating your Asian girls dating app profile.

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