Chinese Dating Opening Lines that Chinese Women Respond To

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Chinese dating sites are one of the biggest dating sites in the world. They are a great place to meet hot Chinese girls. However, after joining a Chinese dating site, I am sure you are wondering: how to date a Chinese girl? Well, creating an attractive and creative opening line will help you stand out from other men.

In this article, we will discuss how to come up with the perfect opening lines to make a good first impression.

Tip 1: No Emojis or “Sup” Messages in Chinese Dating Sites 

Most of the world is still in the middle of the pandemic. The state of the world is scary, and people need companionship more than ever. IRL dates are pretty much out of the question, and more people are turning to online dating apps for help.

But honestly, the last thing you what to do is send a beautiful Chinese woman an emoji or sup message. Do not just look at her profile picture and send her a “sup” or an emoji. She won’t notice you that way because many guys are doing that as well.

Tip 2: Ask About Her Interests

At the end of the day, the traditional Chinese woman is like any other woman in the world.

They like to know that you have spent time looking at their profile. Instead of generic messages such as: “Hi, do you want to chat?”, look at their interests and make insightful comments. E.g. “Hey. I love your hiking pictures! What trail is that? It’s absolutely breathtaking. Anyways, would you like to chat today?”

This shows that you’re sincerely interested in Chinese mail order brides and you want to get to know them well. It is not an entitlement. It shows you are respectful enough to ask a Chines girl her consent.

Tip 3: Send Interesting Messages 

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The girl of your dreams will most definitely appreciate a good chat. Boldly ask questions that will ensure that you spark her thoughts.

Questions like: “What crazy thing do you secretly enjoy doing? I keep a pet alligator…”

If you do keep pet alligator, that is definitely going to spark a conversation!

Tip 4: Send Funny Messages

This tip works without question. If she gets your joke, it serves as something for you to bond over. If she doesn’t, it will still grab her attention. Humorous is charming in Chinese dating culture.

A woman without a sense of humor may ignore it and move on. Count your losses, don’t dwell on it or be discouraged! If one doesn’t get your joke, another woman will! Keep trying! But don’t ever send her nudes like American Captain Christ Evans.

Remember that with humor, there are cultural differences. To make the Chinese gf of your dreams burst into laughter, do a little research on what you can joke about.

Here are five quick tips that will make your Chinese crush laugh:

  1. Don’t embarrass her
  2. Irony and crosstalk are hilarious
  3. Say funny things with a blank expression
  4. Say a lot of non-jokes, or “cold jokes.” Unlike American women, Chinese women love non-jokes.

Feel free to ask her what she prefers. And when in doubt, compliment her. Everyone loves sincere compliments. It is okay to admit that you are not a pro at this, and to ask her for help and feedback. You can even ask if she wants to hear a joke or a funny story before getting into it.

Tip 4: Honesty Is Very Attractive in Chinese Dating

Honesty is very attractive. You can use an honest opening line as you express your curiosity of her culture. When doing this, ensure that you are yourself and have fun without degrading her with crass sexual remarks.

Opening lines can be awkward on both sides, just as they are in real life. So be brave and take the leap to be open and honest.

Tip 5: Do not Generalize 

Yes, Chinese women are Asian. But Asia is a large continent with numerous cultural practices. Don’t ruin your chances by doing a Chinese women vs Japanese women comparison.

Do not just assume, instead, ask her questions if you’re unsure about her culture– it will show that you have made an effort. Alternatively, you can take time to read about Chinese culture so you can come up with interesting opening lines.

Tip 6: Be Spontaneous and Practical

If you were to take her on a date, where would you go? What will you do? Can you find activities to combine both your interests? If she loves hiking, ask her if she would want to go hiking someday.

Describe the date you will take her on and include things you know she will most likely enjoy. That shows that you are sincerely nice.  

Ask random questions, so you will know her better, and so that you will know how to plan the perfect date with her.

Tip 7: Make Your Compliments Flirty and Innocent

Yes, she is beautiful, and it is good that you noticed that. A Chinese woman would love to hear an opening line that compliments her. But do not look at the Chinese beautiful girl photo and blurt out explicit sexual names. That is too direct.

Talk to her, and appreciate her personality, and not just her looks. Keep it light, flirty, and fun.

Here are examples to help you:

Don’t: Compliment her as a joke or sarcastically.

Don’t: Compliment her with a cheesy pick-up line.

Do: Compliment her in Chinese (it shows that you are really trying)

Do: Compliment her personality.

These examples have been proven effective. Do your research, learn the Chinese standards of beauty, and compliment her in a way that will make her feel good.


Chinese single women dating apps are a great place to find a life-long partner. It is however important to know how to come up with an opening line that will help you make a connection with potential suitors.