Are Asian Brides Into You Or Just Being Friendly?

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Have you experienced a situation wherein you are uncertain of the intentions of Asian Brides? You might be overwhelmed with how Asian brides treat their potential partners in the first few episodes of Asian TV series. However, the reality of realizing the women’s romantic intentions is not as simple as depicted.

In this article, we will be exploring the signs that indicate if a woman is into you or not. This is very helpful so as you won’t be wasting time proving yourself that you are a worthy potential partner.

Here are the most common signs you can use as reference whether or not a girl is into you.

Asian brides can tease you in a playful manner

Teasing is very obvious way to mask the feelings. Kids commonly do that since they are not yet equipped with the right tools to express emotions in an appropriate manner. However, adults can tease in a different manner.

If you are trying to date hot Asian girls, you can tell that they can reciprocate your advances if you’re both exchanging funny jokes. You’ll know that the jokes have romantic intent when they playfully use romantic concepts such as pick-up lines.

Asian brides are curious about and interactive to you


When you date Asian women or from any other race, you’ll notice if they are interested in you when they are interactive with you. Meaning, they ask many questions beyond your race or culture. Although the racial and cultural differences can be opening topics, the conversations will often steer towards exploring your interests, activities and future plans.

Obviously, no woman wants to appear like they are interviewing you, right? They will tend to keep the conversation light and when the atmosphere is suitable for deep talks, without hesitation, an interested woman will ask the questions she wanted to.

Asian brides are willing to share their personal information

Asking for personal information can be tricky. You might want to avoid doing that when chatting someone in an Asian dating site since you can’t provide that much trust right away. However, in dating in-person, that can be a case-to-case basis.

If a girl is into you, she is willing to exchange numbers with you. But if she is really into you, you can observe that she’s inserting bits of information within your conversation like where she is residing, what’s her usual routine or her interests also. She is willing to impart about herself hoping that she appears interesting to you.

She habitually plays with her hair

If there is one thing that is subtle, it is the playing of the hair. You think that’s only depicted in Hollywood movies? Asian women do that too and in fact, possibly almost all women on that matter.

How so? It serves as a channeling activity. Women don’t exert all their energy in flirting right away. They tend to make gestures as outlets and it is an opportunity for men to recognize and maximize that.

Her body language tells that she is reacting positively towards you

Much like hair tossing, there are other non-verbal cues that you can pick on. It may not be easy to detect body language for Asian mail order bride, but in casual dating, it can even be spoon-fed to you.

There can be clues that she’s just not into you like not facing her body in your direction when talking to you and crossing her arms always. However, if she’s into you, she won’t break her eye-contact, can’t stop smiling and unconsciously caressing slowly an object she’s holding.

Asian brides want your attention

As mentioned, there can be a number of non-verbal cues that a girl exhibits in proportion to her level of interest in you. Prolonged actions can indicate that she wants more of your attention. Asian girls might be a bit shy about that, but Westerners can be pretty obvious.

Prolonged eye contacts serve as a sign that she wants you. As you are going deeper in your conversations, you may have also observe that she’ll be asking questions confirming your interest in her. If it happens that you are slow to pick that up, she’ll get either more creative in her sentences or more direct in her approach.  

She can be touchy

Being touchy is already an obvious sign that she has something for you. An example is that when you’re both laughing at a joke, she’ll playfully and gently slap your arm or knee.

Another is when she’s leaning towards you closely if you have something to say. If there is a difference when that girl is talking to other people compared to you, then that is already a confirmation.

She tries to imitate some of your habits and mannerisms

Imitation in this context doesn’t mean being mocked. It is a strategy to draw your attention. Yes, it can be a bit childish but the purpose is to catch your attention and at the same time, show that she’s interested in you.

For example, she drinks at the same time you drink too. She’ll try to observe your mannerisms and reenact them if you’re doing them. If you happen to notice, she’ll make a joke about it and laugh it off, which is a low-key admission that she’s successful.

She drops hints about her location without you even asking

Imagine having hot Asian women giving their contacts to you without asking. Seems like a dream, right? In reality, they don’t usually act in an obvious manner. When a girl is inserting her personal information bit by bit in your conversation, she might ask like “you can visit my place and show you my collection/ work/ hobby/ pets”.

That line is an example that she’s attentive to your stories, she’s confirming if you got her personal information and she’s making a scenario wherein you can meet up in the near future. It’s highly doubtful that you can miss that opportunity.

Asian brides make the first move

Not to be obvious but when a girl is interested in you, she takes the first move. It takes a brave girl to do that and you’re a lucky man if that girl is also the one you are interested with. She can do it so seriously as if she wants to be your Asian wife.


Being able to differentiate whether she is romantically interested you or just being friendly can be the best way to save your time and effort. It doesn’t hurt to gain friends, but it is helpful to recognize your chances with a girl.