7 Magic Questions that Will Make Vietnamese Brides Want You

Vietnamese brides

You don’t need to live in Vietnam to attract Vietnamese brides. With the right words and approach, you can make girls from Vietnam want you without having you physically close. When you are chatting to someone continually (especially at night), you create a special bond between you two. It is another level of closeness as you are entirely connected to someone with your feelings. Naturally, both of you might feel a sexual desire toward one another at that moment. Vietnamese women typically need more time to trust their partners when it comes to this subject. Thus, they need a little push to feel comfortable enough to talk about intimacy. That’s when you should ask the right questions and make the girl you are talking to want you.

Questions to Ask Vietnamese Brides to Make them Want You

What would we do if I was by your side right now?

To ask this question, the moment has to be right, as described above. You cannot randomly ask this because her answer will depend on the situation. When you are having a heart-to-heart conversation and you feel the tension is rising, pop this question up! The way the Vietnamese lady responds will tell you if she is willing to go further with the topic. You are not only challenging her imagination but letting her challenge yours as well. It is a perfect way to initiate an intimate conversation.

What do Vietnamese brides wear when sleep?


This is another question that will give your girl a chance to either step up or step down. If she ignores the real reason why you asked this and gives you a short response or changes the topic, it will mean that she is not comfortable being intimate with you yet. However, if she is ready, she will give you a detailed description; making you imagine her wearing what she said (or not wearing anything). Hot Vietnamese girls love to flirt. You just need to “hit the right button” and you will feel it.

Where do you like to be touched the most?

There are many places on a woman’s body that might turn your girl on if you touch them. Vietnamese babes like to build up excitement before sexual intercourse. With this question, you will remind her of the places where she likes to be touched. If you are trying to start a sexual conversation, it will be your chance to tell her how you would touch her favorite body parts. If you tell her what she wants to hear (or something even better), you will immediately make her want you.

Do you like to talk dirty?

Dating a Vietnamese girl is fun and thrilling. With these ladies, you can do everything and talk about anything. They can be serious when the situation requires it, fun at the right time, shy but also daring if they want something. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your shy girl actually likes to talk dirty, even more than you. To check that, you need to ask her. Perhaps she indeed is shy in all aspects. Before saying something that might seem too much for her, make sure you know she likes it.

What is your biggest fantasy?

You can be completely relaxed at Viet dating online. Sharing sexual fantasies is very common for long-distance couples. To make your partner want you (more), talk about her fantasies. Do not pressure her, of course. But encourage your partner to speak about secret wishes that she never had a chance to make true. This part of the conversation can easily add up to her fantasy; where you give her something else to imagine and make the fantasy more realistic. By doing that, you will make your girl look forward to seeing you even more.

Do you like some part of a man’s body more than others?

Everyone has personal preferences and things that get them excited. After you found out where your girl likes to be touched, you need to find out where she would like to touch you as well. If there is some part of a man’s body that she really likes, you should give her something to think about, such as a photo. Of course, only if you feel comfortable. By knowing what she likes, making her want you will get easier every time. You will know exactly what to say to excite her and what to show to make her want you uncontrollably!

Is this conversation turning you on?

The ultimate question! Everything depends on her answer. If you talked smoothly enough and made her imagine doing things with you, the answer will be “yes”. In that case, you succeeded! Carry on the conversation naturally, expressing yourself clearly.
Dating Vietnamese culture is usually slow so don’t expect everything to happen quickly. Jumping into sexual conversations too soon can make Vietnamese girls think that you are a weirdo. Save these questions for situations where they feel appropriate; where you are sure that the other side doesn’t mind being asked. In fact, she should be very enthusiastic to talk about this subject, if she likes you.