2021 Internet Dating Slang Terms In Chinese Dating Sites

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Throughout the years, online dating has gained popularity, leading to an increase in Chinese dating sites. To be successful in online dating, you need to familiarize yourself with English slang terms mainly used on the internet.

Wondering what dating slang words are used on the internet? Continue reading to know some of the everyday internet slang this year that can help meet potential Chinese wives.

Soft Launch

This term is used on the web to set a new website in motion. In Chinese dating sites, it also has the same meaning. However, instead of launching a website, a soft launch is more like introducing a new relationship.

This means posting your partner subtly on social media. If you are dating a Chinese girl, you can give hints like posting a photo with two coffee mugs without showing other details. 


Ghosting is a popular slang in dating that means suddenly ending contact without explaining. It happens when the ghoster cuts communications and ignore calls and text from your date rather than calling things off in a civilized manner. As a result, the ghostee is left confused and hurt. We can all agree that ghosting is outright mean.


What if the person who ghosted you on Chinese dating sites returns out of nowhere? That is what is called zombie-ing. Zombie-ing occurs when the ghoster suddenly comes out of the grave. She reaches out to you and acts as if nothing happened. Like a zombie apocalypse, there is no way to stop the virus, and the best way is to avoid the zombie. 


Wokefishing is a term used to represent themselves as more broad-minded than they are to make an impression. It was coined from catfish, which means someone has a false online personality or identity. 

When dating Chinese women, you may want to show that you understand their culture and religion to win their hearts. However, this may not be the best approach, and it is best to remain authentic with your personality. 


Cockroaches are known for roaming around in the dark. This is how roaching was coined. Roaching is used the woman you are dating goes out with other people simultaneously and tries to hide this from you. Roaching can be a significant turn-off, especially when looking for a faithful Chinese beauty to spend your life with. If you think your date is roaching you, it might be best to end your connection. 


When athletes are benched, it means they are not allowed to play in a game all the time. In dating, benching refers to keeping a potential partner in reserve if his date with other hot Chinese girls does not work out. If someone benches you, this means the person shows interest, but they only make an effort if they are left with no other choice on Chinese dating sites. 


According to Men’s Health, Orbiting is a new form of ghosting or haunting. Like the planet orbits other bodies, you are orbited when someone follows and continues to interact with your content and posts without saying a word.

After ghosting, the orbiter may continue to linger in your life by following your social media posts. While it is alright to remain connected on social media at times, this might not be a good idea if the breakup is recent.

Cuffing Season

As the holidays are fast approaching, more and more people want to pair up, and this is no exception for Chinese brides. This occurrence is called cuffing. The cuffing season usually starts in the fall and can last until Valentine’s Day. There are many explanations about the cuffing period, with some saying that the cold makes one want to cuddle, which encourages many single ladies to look for a partner

On the contrary, others believe that the holiday spirit contributes significantly to romance. If you are single and are looking beautiful Chinese women, the cuffing period would be an ideal time to start your hunt. 


When a man is dating a Chinese girl, he usually wants to talk about his new love jubilantly. However, this is the opposite of pocketing. When you are pocketing a relationship, you are keeping someone you are dating a secret. 

While you may be in a relationship with a Chinese woman, you do not plan to introduce them to your friends or invite them to gatherings. You are also unlikely to mention the relationship on your social media accounts. Though there are various reasons for pocketing a date, it is not a good feeling when your partner is not proud of you.


When someone breadcrumbs you on Chinese dating sites, it means that person is leading you on. It is a dating slang used when you show interest and flirt with someone in chats but do not plan to take it to the next level. It is leaving breadcrumbs to lead someone on but never want to be official. In most cases, people use this strategy to boost their ego. 

Interestingly, breadcrumbing can also happen with exes. This happens when a former partner suddenly appears out of nowhere just when you have started to move on. Ghosting someone is justifiable if you think they are trying to breadcrumb you. 


Finally, you understand some of the dating internet slang in 2021 on Chinese dating sites. The terms mentioned are helpful if you wonder how to date a Chinese woman you met online. Once you understand these terms, it will be easier to navigate the dating scene and find the potential woman of your dreams.