Smart Questions to Ask Filipino Brides on a First Date

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Filipino brides are outgoing, fun-loving women that you will have a great time with. They are good communicators and listeners so having quality conversations with these Filipino brides shouldn’t be difficult. However, everyone needs time to relax and get comfortable. That’s why the first (or the first few) date may have awkward silent moments that could make the both of you feel a little uncomfortable. You can try your best to avoid those situations by asking smart questions that initiate interesting topics.

What Are Your Priorities in Life As Filipino Brides?

To have a Filipina wife, it’s extremely important to know her priorities. Of course, she might not tell you all of them on the first date. However, she will tell you the ones that are surely important for the future development of your relationship. For example, if you are considering marrying the Filipino brides after dating for a short time and she tells you that some of her priorities are to “focus on herself” and “have fun with friends”, you should elaborate on those answers. On the other hand, she could tell you that her priorities are to settle down and enjoy life. In that case, you can also elaborate by trying to figure out if you fit in those plans.

Who Are the People That Have Special Places in Your Life?

To understand a girl better, you should know who are the special people in her life. Most likely, those will be her family members as cute Filipina girls are usually family-oriented. In that case, ask her more about them. Listening to her talking about the people she loves will give you an insight into how affectionate and devoted she is.

What is The Achievement You Are Most Proud Of Being Filipino Brides?

This question will let your date talk about her in a good light; she will be able to show off humbly because you asked her to talk about herself. Hot Filipinas are hard-working women that go the extra mile for things they believe in. This is the opportunity for you to understand how far she has gone to accomplish her goals.

What is Your Current Obsession? sign up now

When people talk about their obsessions, they get very excited and descriptive. Considering that sexy Filipino women are naturally passionate, there will surely be at least one obsession that she will happily share with you. It could be food, music, a hobby, TV shows, movies, or just anything else that she loves doing at the moment. As you continue the conversation, you could also tell her about your current obsession.

Where Would You Like to Travel Next?

If you are a Western man wanting to get to know a Filipina girl better, this question could initiate many topics. By asking her where she would like to travel next, you are giving her a chance to say that she would like to go to your country. As the conversation continues, even the question “How to bring wife to USA from Philippines?” could arise. Then, you will know surely if she has such serious plans on her mind with you.

What Do You Value in Friendship?

Sexy Filipinas are very picky with their friends. They do not accept many people in their inner circles. By telling you what she values in friendship, she will also give you an idea of what she values in a partner and life itself. Those traits could be trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, reliability, and similar.

What Kind of Gifts do You Like?


Some girls like personalized gifts that will make them feel like someone really knows them so they appreciate even the smallest presents, as long as they feel personal. Other women, however, prefer luxury presents. If you cannot get her to answer honestly that she likes luxurious gifts, ask her about the best present she ever had. That way, you will see what fascinates her the most.

What is Your Dream Job?

Most kids have dreams from an early age about what they would like to do when they grow up. Many times, these dreams never fade away. Unfortunately, frequently people do not end up doing their dream jobs but settle for careers that don’t fulfill them. Filipina dating foreigner will be honest. They feel very comfortable with Western men so your date will surely tell you if she is doing what she always wanted to do or if she is still hoping to do the dream job one day.

Do You Have a Bucket List?

If a girl gives you a snipped of her bucket list, she is also letting you peek into her possible future. She might not tell you the entire list but she will give you an idea of the most important things on it. Perhaps some of those are easily achievable but she just never had a chance to do them. If you continue seeing each other, it would be amazing to help her complete some of the wishes from the bucket list.

Would You Rather…?

Would you rather…?” includes many questions that you could ask the girl you go out with. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be only on the first date. This game could become a habit in Filipino dating. Every time you want to get to know each other better, you can start asking random questions. It will surprise you how much you can learn about your partner by making them choose between two opposite things. Those questions could relate to life situations, values, and anything else that comes to your mind.